change lives.

Impact Stories


Meet Aaron, an ambitious and adventurous 27 year old. In 2013, after being stationed in Victoria, BC with the Navy, Aaron was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Eight months later, Aaron found himself back in Oromocto ready to start his new, albeit unexpected, journey.


Paige VanDine lives with Spina Bifida. The outgoing 23-year-old lives in Red Bridge, New Brunswick, just outside of Woodstock. Paige struggled to find a job that suited her abilities and often felt like she wasn’t living up to her potential.


After her arrival in 2014 with her family, Fatou struggled to find a program that could help build her literacy skills while also working with her to find a convenient time to fit her schedule. Thankfully, Fatou connected with Adult Literacy Fredericton and is now working on her reading and writing every day, either with her tutor or on her own at home.


Rachele, although faced with vision impairments, is a successful student in her third academic year of university thanks to the training and support from CNIB.


After an unexpected injury, George found himself unable to do the things he loved. Once he connected with Ability New Brunswick, his life completely changed.

Rhea and Anita

As a child, Rhea found support and friendship in her Big Sister Anita. Today, they’ve been friends for 30 years.


Growing up, I didn’t really have a place where I belonged. I couched surfed, stayed in group homes, I even slept on the street.


We had a good life in Syria before the war. My husband was a lawyer, I taught at the local university. But then it became too dangerous, I’d say goodbye each time I left the house unsure if I would ever return.


My twins are perfect. They’re smart, loving and a ton of fun. But they’ve also faced developmental challenges.