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Forever Fund

The Forever Fund is the Endowment Fund of United Way Central NB.  The endowment was established to assist United Way in serving citizens of Central NB now and in the future. A gift to the Forever Fund helps us address immediate needs and sustain long term projects that will help children, youth and families reach their full potential.

By contributing to the Forever Fund, your contribution to the community will last forever.

Ways to Give

For further information, please contact:
Anne Foster
(506) 459-7773 ext. 201

Capital Property – A gift of property or a gift of residual interest. You may wish to transfer your residence to the Forever Fund now but keep the right to continue to use it for your lifetime. A tax receipt is issued for the value in today’s dollars.

Cash – The simplest and most common gift. A tax receipt for the full amount is provided.

Certified Cultural Property – Certified cultural property is fine art and other cultural property, such as paintings, military objects, archival material, musical instruments, which has been appraised by the Cultural Export Property Review Board to determine fair market value.

Charitable Remainder – Trusts Assets are transferred into an irrevocable trust, and a trustee is appointed by you to manage them.  As soon as the trust is established, you receive tax credit for the donation. The donation receipt represents the present value of the Forever Fund interest in the trust to be received at a future time. On termination of the trust, the Forever Fund receives the remaining assets.

Life Insurance – Life insurance is a way to make a significant gift at an affordable cost without reducing estate assets for family and friends. Several options are available, and tax receipts are available in all instances. For example, naming the Forever Fund as the owner and beneficiary of a new or existing policy entitles you to a current tax receipt for the cash surrender value (if any) and any further payment of subsequent premiums. An alternative is to name the Forever Fund as beneficiary. In this way, your estate receives a donation receipt when the policy proceeds are received.

Retirement Funds – You can transform tax liabilities into a charitable gift by naming the Forever Fund as the beneficiary of your RRSP or RRIF plan. At the end of your lifetime the proceeds are received by the Forever Fund and a tax receipt is issued to your estate. The tax liability on your RRSP or RRIF due on your final return is entirely offset by the tax credit from the donation receipt. Similar treatment is also available for a Registered Pension Plan.

Securities – When shares of publicly listed securities, including bonds and mutual funds, are donated to a registered charity, all capital gains are eliminated. In addition, you receive a donation receipt for the full value of the securities based on the market value at the time the securities are delivered to the charity.

Will Bequests –Gifts can be stipulated as a specific amount or as a percentage of your remaining estate. Your estate receives a tax credit for the value of your gift.