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Together, We Build Strong and Healthy Communities

United Way is creating vibrant neighbourhoods, where everyone experiences a sense of belonging and connection to one another.
Of individuals in Central New Brunswick are living with a disability.
individuals in Central NB have consulted a health professional about their mental wellbeing in the past year.
1 in 5
women experience some form of abuse in their intimate relationship.
United Way is helping individuals with disabilities to live fulfilling lives- through meaningful work experiences, access to assistive equipment, and access to counselling and support services.

United Way is helping to provide support and services to victims while raising overall awareness and education in effort to end sexual and domestic violence
United Way is helping individuals and families handle life’s challenges - from counselling and peer support groups for people living with addiction and mental health issues, to access to a 24 hour crisis and suicide helpline.


Individuals are connected to meaningful employment opportunities and are able to live independent lives

Businesses and the public are more aware of the systemic barriers for those living with a disability.

Individuals with disabilities have the resources and supports to live fulfilling lives.

Homes and neighbourhoods are safer for individuals with disabilities.

Partner Agencies & Strategies

Ability New Brunswick

Adult Literacy

Autism Connections Fredericton


Easter Seals New Brunswick

Inclusion NB

Jobs Unlimited

Meals on Wheels of Fredericton

Neil Squire Society

OPAL Family Services Inc.

Partners for Youth

Mental Health

Individuals and families are able to live independently and make healthy choices that reduce risk and harm and prevent crisis.

Individuals and families have positive mental health and are better able to handle life’s challenges.

Individuals and families have access to services and programs to help support mental health and wellbeing.

Partner Agencies & Strategies

Capital Region Mental Health & Addictions Association

CHIMO Helpline

Family Enrichment Family Enrichment and Counselling Services Fredericton

Sexual and Domestic Violence

Individuals and families who have experienced sexual assault and/or abuse, as well as those who have experienced physical, sexual and/or emotional abuse in domestic relationships have access to crisis intervention, emergency shelters, counseling and transitional services, parenting supports, and legal support.

The public will have easy access to information and education about sexual violence, sexual violence prevention, and support resources.

Agencies Supported by United Way

Fredericton Downtown Community Health Clinic

Liberty Lane

Sexual Violence NB