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Building Safer Communities

What is the Building Safer Communities?

Public Safety Canada has selected cities across Canada to receive funding through the Building Safer Communities Fund. Fredericton was one of the cities selected!

After conducting consultations and research on crime prevention, a plan was developed to address risk factors and protective factors for youth gun and gang involvement.

The Building Safer Communities plan for Fredericton involves 3 main initiatives:


  1. Setting a city-wide crime prevention strategy and promoting greater collaboration amongst youth serving professionals.
  2. Youth capacity building and supporting the operation of youth-led crime prevention projects.
  3. Funding and supporting crime prevention projects operated by community organizations – including our two youth service hubs (NBAA’s Right Relations Youth Service Hub & CRMHAA’s Youth Wellness Hub) and two prevention, early intervention, and intervention projects (the expansion of Partners for Youth’s Youth Works program and John Howard Society of Fredericton’s Youth Connections program).

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Building Safer Communities Review

Building Safer Communities Youth Funding (Due June 10th, 2024)


For more information about Building Safer Communities, please contact the Building Safer Communities Coordinator, Ali Dejong.