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The Pie

United Way uses a pie to show the struggles facing Atlantic Canadians

An impactful holiday video shows the immediate need for support within our community.

One in three people in Atlantic Canada have reported rising costs are causing them to struggle to afford basic needs. We’ve all become very familiar with inflation and the rising cost of nearly everything. Canada’s inflation rate reached a 39-year high of 8.1 percent in 2022, and while it has since dropped to 3.1 percent in October 2023, we’re still seeing very little relief on the cost of basic goods. This, paired with many other factors like rising rent and a lack of affordable housing is going to make this holiday season tough for many people in the Maritime provinces.

To bring attention to these issues, several United Way’s in Atlantic Canada launched an impactful holiday video that shows what the holidays might look like for many people who have suddenly found themselves in a position where they are struggling to get by.

The 60-second video titled “The Pie” highlights a woman doing some holiday baking at home and shows the number of hurdles that she encounters throughout the process of making a simple apple pie for her

family. While missing ingredients from a recipe is something that we can all relate to, not being able to do anything about it is a reality for nearly a third of Atlantic Canadians this holiday season.

With limited resources, a donated shooting location, and a cast of volunteers, the non-profit has been working on this holiday video for several months to create awareness among those who are able to support. United Way plays a significant role in alleviating poverty in our community, with programs focused on food security, providing safe and secure housing, mental health support, and connecting people to the resources they need to live well.

For those who can afford it, you can make a donation to your local United Way at and make a meaningful impact within your community this holiday season. For those who can’t afford a donation, even sharing this video on social media can make a huge impact.