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2023 Campaign Co-Chairs Announced

The Power of Collaboration: Local business owners go head-to-head as co-chairs of United Way of Central NB’s campaign to help raise $1.2 million

L to R: Phil Curley (HotSpot Parking), Peter Cullen (United Way of Central NB), Kumaran Thillainadarajah (SmartSkin Technologies)


Fredericton, NB — United Way of Central New Brunswick is excited to announce their 2023 Campaign Co-Chairs: Philip Curley, head of HotSpot Parking in downtown Fredericton, and Kumaran Thillainadarajah, founder and CTO of SmartSkin Technologies. Both have enthusiastically come on board to encourage other local businesses and community members to support United Way and its partner non-profit agencies. HotSpot Parking has been a partner of United Way Centraide Canada since 2013, giving customers across Canada the option to donate their unfinished parking credits back to their local United Way. 


“As leaders of the business community and by partnering with United Way Central NB, we have the ability to truly impact the lives of individuals and families right here in Central New Brunswick,” said Mr. Curley. “Through our partnership, we can bring about positive change, strengthen our communities, and unleash the potential within each individual in need. Together, we can create a better future, empowering and supporting those facing day-to-day challenges.” 


Mr. Curley and Mr. Thillainadarajah want to extend their passion for the community with other businesses and community members. “While every dollar really does count, the real value in giving goes beyond just raising money,” says Mr. Thillainadarajah. “It’s about getting involved in the community, understanding your purpose and engraining giving back and supporting community into every fabric of the business. A culture of giving really helps build stronger businesses, stronger teams, and stronger communities.” 


Peter Cullen, Interim Executive Director at United Way of Central New Brunswick said that during the search for this year’s Campaign Chairs, United Way Central NB focused on recruiting local business influencers. “As an organization rooted in Local Love and Community, we searched for Campaign Co-Chairs who are as passionate about community as we are,” said Mr. Cullen. “Philip and Kumaran are uniquely placed to help us grow and connect more with local businesses while reigniting our campaign work in the community. Their competitiveness with one another will ensure there is some fun to be had as we move through the campaign. We are very excited about their overall enthusiasm and commitment to helping change lives here in Central New Brunswick.” 


Mr. Curley and Mr. Thillainadarajah will help lead the campaign by meeting with new businesses, speaking publicly about the impact of United Way, sharing their passion for the community, and working together towards the United Way of Central NB’s goal of raising $1.2 million dollars this year.

They will officially launch their roles as Campaign Co-Chairs at the United Way Central NB Campaign Kickoff event presented by HotSpot Parking at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre on October 5th, 2023. For more information about the event, please visit HERE.



About HotSpot Parking 

HotSpot was founded in Fredericton, NB, in 2013 and is now present in over 80 municipalities, cities, and universities across Canada. The app also has more than 460,000 users and some presence in every province. What started as a simple pay-by-phone parking app has grown into an integrated solution for all the ways people get around in your city. HotSpot makes it easy for government and business to implement service for their infrastructure and needs. Hotspot was acquired by IBI Group in 2022. 

About SmartSkin Technologies 

Established in 2009 and headquartered in New Brunswick, Canada, SmartSkin’s innovative solutions are used in manufacturing and bottling facilities around the globe. With deep expertise across the beverage and pharmaceutical industries, they have earned a strong reputation as a leader in manufacturing productivity solutions. 

About United Way of Central NB 

For more than 60 years, United Way has improved communities in Central New Brunswick. We create long-term, sustainable change by moving people from poverty to possibility, creating strong and healthy communities, and helping kids be all that they can be. United Way raises funds through its annual fundraising campaign, which addresses identified critical needs throughout Central New Brunswick. During the campaign, hundreds of workplaces, individuals, charities, and non-profits partner with United Way to create long-lasting meaningful change. In addition to its financial investments in community supports, United Way supports your community through volunteerism and advocacy. 


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