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Board & Committees

United Way of Central New Brunswick is seeking passionate and community-oriented individuals to help us improve lives and build community. If you are interested in getting involved with our Board of Directors or one of our committees, please complete this form.

Expression of Interest

  • I have interest in the following board/committees:

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  • Please tell us about yourself and why you are interested in serving on this committee. Include relative information such as expertise, education and/or real-life experience as it relates to the committee or board that you have chosen.

  • Please list skill sets that you would bring to this committee that would be an asset.

  • Please select all times of day that you would be available for weekday meetings.

  • I consent to the release of the information on my application and understand that it will be made available on an as-needed basis to United Way staff, Board of Directors, and Committees for the purpose of making appointments to committees and boards, and, if I am appointed, for contacting me regarding meetings and sending information.