change lives.


For some, differences make them feel miles apart from peers, and typical aspects of education feel as challenging as climbing Mt. Everest.

This is something Casen faced. While his classmates remained eager to explore new stories and words, Casen found himself stuck. His parents felt it too good to be true when they discovered Easter Seals New Brunswick, an agency funded by the United Way that provides aid to those struggling with disabilities.

Through the Assistive Technology Program at Easter Seals New Brunswick, Casen and his parents received a grant that allowed them to experiment with tech that could make Casen’s school time easier. An Apple iPad that Easter Seals loaded with early learning apps and games helps Casen learn new things each day. More than anything, a C-Reader Pen helps Casen match his peers in his excitement to explore new books and figure out words that he once struggled with.

Thanks to Easter Seals and the United Way of Central NB, Casen and others like him can enjoy learning to their fullest potential.