change lives.


Paige VanDine lives with Spina Bifida. The outgoing 23-year-old lives in Red Bridge, New Brunswick, just outside of Woodstock. Paige struggled to find a job that suited her abilities and often felt like she wasn’t living up to her potential.

“Finding a job isn’t easy. I think sometimes it’s hard for some people to see past my wheelchair.”

Paige is a people person; she enjoys meeting new people, is an enthusiastic conversationalist, and a creative problem solver. Many of these skills she has acquired from living with a disability. The long job search was putting a damper on Paige’s generally positive spirits and so she decided to reach out for help.

Paige reconnected with Ability NB, who had helped her throughout high school, and with the help of a Transition Planner, set out to achieve her employment goals. The two met regularly to identify Paige’s skills and interests, map out a plan, and develop her resume. With strong support and her plan in hand, Paige secured a volunteer opportunity at her local public library. Now, Paige volunteers weekly to help the library maintain its organization and strengthen her resume.

“Volunteering is helping me get a job because it is giving me useful skills. I don’t think I would have gotten this volunteer job without Ability NB.”

Through this position, she is learning new skills each day, meeting new people, developing a professional network, and changing attitudes in her community. Paige feels that this position is the first step in her plan to secure full-time employment. Paige is now looking to her future with excitement and confidence.

Ability NB is proud to be part of Paige’s success and the success stories of other New Brunswickers living with a mobility disability. Through support from the United Way Central New Brunswick and its community organizations, we can continue to empower individuals to attain their personal goals and rediscover all that life has to offer with a mobility disability!