change lives.


For some, a safe place to live is a comfortable constant; for others, barriers stand between them and essentials like housing.

Dealing with mental illness, Bobby had been unable to obtain stable employment and thus therapy, medication, or housing, for years. Desperate for a solution, he contacted Fredericton Homeless Shelters. They connected him with their Essential Services for the Homeless program funded by United Way of Central NB.

Recognizing that Bobby’s needs were severe, the staff of this program had him connected with counselling services and paid for his first month of medication while his Medicare was updating. Eventually, staff were able to arrange a deal with a local landlord to find Bobby temporarily supported housing. Now, Bobby has a safe place to live without worrying about financing while he recovers.

Thank you to Fredericton Homeless Shelters and the United Way, Bobby and others like him have a light to turn to in the dark uncertainty of mental illness.


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