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Impact Stories

Rhea and Anita

As a child, Rhea found support and friendship in her Big Sister Anita. Today, they’ve been friends for 30 years.


Growing up, I didn’t really have a place where I belonged. I couched surfed, stayed in group homes, I even slept on the street.


We had a good life in Syria before the war. My husband was a lawyer, I taught at the local university. But then it became too dangerous, I’d say goodbye each time I left the house unsure if I would ever return.


My twins are perfect. They’re smart, loving and a ton of fun. But they’ve also faced developmental challenges.


When I was young, I felt that money was equal to self worth, and my self worth was nothing. I dropped out of high school and became addicted to drugs.


Everyone knows what it’s like to face hard times. I’ve had my ups and downs, I’ve felt alone and disconnected.


It’s hard to prepare a healthy meal on a seniors budget. I was born during the ward, I didn’t worry about nutrition as long as my family was fed.


I escaped an abusive relationship. I felt so alone and worthless. I needed a fresh start but struggled to move one I didn’t think life would ever get better.


I lost my best friend the day my husband died, in an instant I became lonely.