change lives.


For some, chatting with family or sending a text are easy parts of daily life; for others, it’s a daily struggle. 

This is something Sam faced. With spinal muscular atrophy, a neurological condition that causes muscle weakness, things like holding a conversation or sending a text became challenging due to the frailty of his throat and finger muscles. When he and his family discovered Easter Seals’ New Brunswick’s Assistive Technology Program funded by the United Way, a weight was lifted from his shoulders.

Sam was able to experiment with eye-gazing technology and return to his usual activities like gaming online with friends or messaging his family. Even more relieving than being able to navigate the internet independently again, Sam could use his technology to speak aloud using nothing but the motion from his eyes. His quality of life has drastically improved, and he’s able to stay connected to friends, family, his personal interests, and online education.

Thanks to Easter Seals and the United Way Central NB, Sam and others like him can enjoy learning to their fullest potential.