change lives.


Twice a week, you’ll find Fatou and her tutor, Cassandra, at the Victoria Health Centre reading, writing sentences, and reviewing her essential skills. After her arrival in 2014 with her family, Fatou struggled to find a program that could help build her literacy skills while also working with her to find a convenient time to fit her schedule. Thankfully, Fatou connected with Adult Literacy Fredericton and is now working on her reading and writing every day, either with her tutor or on her own at home. Adult Literacy Fredericton is an organization whose trained volunteers help adults improve their basic reading, writing, and math skills through a free, confidential program. Their volunteers work one-to-one with learners, using materials relevant to each learner’s literacy needs and daily life.”Volunteering with Adult Literacy Fredericton has been a life-changing experience, as they provide such an essential service, and helping learners brings me a lot of joy. Fatou and I always have a lot of fun, and it is really rewarding to see her moving toward her goals!” says Cassandra. In fact, 1 in 5 individuals face challenges every day because of below average literacy levels. Adult Literacy Fredericton seeks to empower these individuals and give them the skills and confidence to pursue their goals and live life independently.

Fatou is no stranger to learning a new language; besides English, Fatou speaks three other languages! While Fatou can speak English, she struggles with reading and writing, and that’s why Fatou reached out to Adult Literacy Fredericton. Since being assessed for her level and paired with a tutor, Fatou has already made incredible progress in her learning journey. Her vocabulary has expanded, and she is gaining confidence in writing and reading out loud. Learning new things excites Fatou. She eagerly accepts any challenge and understands the importance of persevering even when it gets tough. She’s so grateful to have a tutor like Cassandra, who understands her passion for learning and knows when she’s ready for a new challenge.

With her developing skills, Fatou currently manages her own home-based business, cares for her family, and helps her kids with their homework. In the future, she hopes to take her Canadian Citizenship Test and get her GED. She can’t wait to be a Canadian citizen and dreams of having a huge celebration with her friends and family, with Canadian flags hanging everywhere! But beyond that, Fatou never wants to stop learning. She believes that you’re never too old to start something new. As someone with first-hand experience being an adult learner and a new member of our community, she understands how daunting and overwhelming everything can be, but Fatou insists that all you have to do is ask. Someone is always willing and eager to help you accomplish your goals.

*The person depicted in the photo above is not Fatou.