change lives.


Meet Aaron, an ambitious and adventurous 27 year old. In 2013, after being stationed in Victoria, BC with the Navy, Aaron was diagnosed with a brain tumor. While the brain tumor was partially removed through radiation, a portion remains and has caused Aaron to go blind. Eight months later, Aaron found himself back in Oromocto ready to start his new, albeit unexpected, journey.

With help from CNIB Aaron started learning cane mobility so he could have confident and independent mobility. This mobility has allowed Aaron to work at Base Gagetown in the Gym, distributing sports equipment. It has also allowed him to pick up some of his favorite hobbies again. When Aaron was in high school, he was a star athlete, so when he was presented with the opportunity to get golf lessons from someone specializing in golfing with vision impairment, Aaron was eager to get playing! Aaron now says his golf game is better than ever, without having his vision he can focus on his swing and it brings his game to a whole new level.

Aaron lives a very independent lifestyle, and recently has taken this Independence into the kitchen! He started cooking lessons from a CNIB program and has already prepared a couple great dishes. He has cooked Stir-fry, cookies and hopes to try his hand at a slow-cooked pulled pork in a couple weeks.

Aaron is an inspiration. He has the biggest smile and radiates positivity. Once he has been officially released from the Military next September, he has big dreams. He hopes to travel and even talked about going back to UNB to finish his history degree. Aaron believes everything happens for a reason, and you just have to embrace the circumstances and live life to the fullest.