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Covid 19 – Resources For Agencies

As community agencies, we know you see the evolving impact of the COVID-19 virus everyday as government, organizations and citizens alike are working to prevent its spread and protect the public. Now, as public health measures are being made across the region in response, people who are already vulnerable are facing major disruptions and new risks, and others are becoming at-risk due to the economic interruption and closure of so many spaces and programs.

We are seeking your help in identifying and meeting the most urgent community needs, as well as those emerging longer-term projects that will be needed to address the more lasting impacts as circumstances evolve. We invite you to apply for assistance through our Compassion Fund to help your organization respond to this crisis.  This fund is designed to help agencies meet short-term emergency needs.

We appreciate everyone is under additional pressure as they are adapting their own programming to keep staff and volunteers safe and still be responsive to the needs of the community; as such, the application has been kept very simple.  We just want to hear from you!

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For more information, contact our United Way at 506 459 7773 ext. 202 or