change lives.


I came from a divorced family who was always moving around. Every kid deserves to live in one place when they are growing up. They need that structure. I didn’t have any structure or stability in my life or anyone to count on.  

At 16, I moved out on my own, thinking I knew everything and better than anyone. I was abused, both physically and emotionally, throughout my whole childhood. It wasn’t any better when I left.  

I became an alcoholic to deal with the pain I had gone through. When I turned 18, I was admitted to a detox center here in Fredericton. And that wasn’t my first time. I was admitted many, many times after that.  

In my late 30s, when I knew better, I got into drugs. I quit drinking, but I was replacing drinking with drugs. Through support from detox, I was sober for a year and a half. Eventually, I started hanging out with the wrong people again and began using again. The past five years I’ve really been struggling with staying sober. It’s an uphill battle I face every day. I’ve risked my own health and safety numerous times to keep the withdrawals at bay.  

River Stone Recovery Centre introduced me to The  Works Program through the Fredericton Public Library, a program designed for someone like myself, who hasn’t worked in over 20 years. This job gives me purpose and an opportunity to get back into the work world again.  

All the tools are there to support me. The Works Program is a building block to what is next for meand for others.  

I had the opportunity to pick another person to come with me to work at the library and I knew immediately the person I could count on: Alan. He’s reliable, responsible, and dependable. We work really well together and support one another. If the other is having a hard day or a hard time, the other is there to back the other person up or support them.  

This program has helped me so much. Without it, I wouldn’t be here.  

Alan and I have become lifelong friends because of this program. And it’s thanks to River Stone, the Fredericton Public Library, and United Way for supporting programs and people like us as we move forward.  

All donations to our community fund go towards supporting programs that support individuals like Bobbi-Jo get a fresh start in life.