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Student United Way

What is Student United Way?

Student United Way (SUW) is a student-led United Way on college and university campuses; bridging the gap between campus and community and empowering young people to improve their local communities by giving, acting and volunteering, SUW provides students at the University of New Brunswick and St. Thomas University with regular volunteer opportunities with United Way and its partner agencies.

With the involvement of more than 60 campuses across the United States, United Way Central NB is the first in Canada and second internationally to develop and implement a campus-based SUW.

We’re making local issues #UNIGNORABLE

Poverty. Homelessness. Social isolation. Domestic violence. Education inequality. Mental health.  These are just some of the issues that directly impact our communities and hold too many people back. Student United Way is launching #UNIGNORABLE on campus to capture students’ attention, to discuss the issues in our community, and to connect students to the organizations and actions in our community that are making a difference.

GIVE. ACT. VOLUNTEER. Student United Way is challenging students, student groups & associations, teams, faculties, and residences at the University of New Brunswick and St. Thomas University to give, act, or volunteer with important agencies in our community that are addressing important #UNIGNORABLE issues.

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How often do we meet?

We meet once a month as a group to discuss upcoming volunteering opportunities in our community. Students then volunteer on their own time, at their own convenience. To sign up to receive emails, contact


Students are expected to volunteer when they can. Students are encouraged to attend Student United Way meetings on a regular basis.

Student United Way Presidents and Board Members are elected annually to help run Student United Way. This year’s President is Gracie Gottschalk! This is a great opportunity and we’re happy to guide interested students through the process.

Benefits to Students

To learn more about becoming a member or if you are an organization seeking highly skilled and enthusiastic volunteers, please contact Peter Cullen at (506) 459-7773 ext. 204 or email