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Housing First

The average rent in New Brunswick has increased 28.7% since October 2020, That, coupled with the continually rising cost of living, puts many of our neighbours in difficult situations. Having to decide between paying monthly rent or buying groceries is a decision no one should have to make, but members of our community are being forced to rely on local food banks in fear of losing their housing. Some have reached a point where they can no longer afford housing and are now sleeping rough. Homelessness rates in the Fredericton area have been steadily increasing since June of this year.

On the bright side, we have generous individuals like you, who are doing their part to support United Way initiatives that provide our community with vital resources, like affordable and supportive housing. Through your support, the Fredericton Housing First Services now have a full-time Intensive Case Management (ICM) team at the John Howard Society of Fredericton.

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The 5 principles of Housing First:

  1. Immediate access to permanent housing with no housing readiness requirements.
  2. Consumer choice and self-determination.
  3. Recovery orientation.
  4. Individualized and client driven support.
  5. Social and community integration.

Housing First is an evidence-based approach proven to end the cycle of homelessness and be more cost-effective than the status quo approach for individuals with complex needs.

The Fredericton Housing First Fund (FHFF) is a trust agreement between United Way Central New Brunswick and community partners.

The plan to eliminate chronic and episodic homelessness includes (1) access to affordable housing and (2) highly individualized supports.

Working with the John Howard Society of Fredericton is a key element to the success of supporting 180 individuals in acquiring and maintaining suitable housing last year. Without this support through Fredericton Housing First, the 180 individuals would still be sleeping rough or spending their nights at the shelters.