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Rehabilitation Counseling Services

Rehabilitation is a holistic and integrated program of medical, physical, psychosocial, navigational and vocational services. The goal is to empower a person with a disability to achieve meaningful social and economic inclusion. Rehabilitation Counseling is a comprehensive sequence of services, mutually planned by the person with a mobility disability and Rehabilitation Counselor.


Fredericton Community Kitchen

Outreach Food Programs

The objective of the Outreach Initiative is to incrementally reduce hunger issues and increase food security experienced on a daily basis by northside residents. The Fredericton Community Kitchen (FCK) first expanded the scope of its services to the northside of Fredericton in 2011 with the provision of 25 prepared lunchtime meals to the John Howard Society building on Main Street. The number of daily prepared meals is now at 50 Monday-Friday.

Student Hunger Program

The Student Hunger Program currently serves 185 students in six Fredericton Schools. The program delivers nutritional lunches to the schools on a daily basis in addition to breakfast supplements. 37,000 school lunches will be prepared during the school year.


Fredericton Downtown Community Health Centre

Primary Health Care Outreach Program

The  Primary Health Care Outreach Program focuses on Street Outreach, the CHC Community Access Room and other Outreach activities that respond to the needs of the community and our community partners in addressing barriers to access and health inequities. In collaboration with community partners, the staff of the CHC addresses the social determinants of health and the CHC provides immediate access to primary health care for individuals and families.


Fredericton Homeless Shelters Inc.

Transitional Shelter Services

The Shelters is an all-encompassing organization that serves as the initial contact and entry point for those who have found themselves without a permanent and sustainable form of housing. The Shelters are a great deal more than four walls and a roof under which the homeless can find sanctuary. They are an organization providing a myriad of opportunities for those who come to their door.


Greener Village

Strengthening Community Through Access to Nutritious Food

Food insecurity is commonly measured by the inability to afford food, and the clients at Greener Village often have inadequate physical access to foods that support a balanced and nutritious diet. Diabetes, obesity, lack of healthy foods, and lack of cooking skills have all been identified as major concerns in their clients’ lives. In their effort to improve emergency food resources and improve nutrition for a balanced diet, Greener Village is enhancing their food services by purchasing healthy foods and provide cooking classes for clients.


Jobs Unlimited

Assessment and Monitoring Program & Vocational Activity Services

Jobs Unlimited provides meaningful work opportunities and daily care/support to adults with intellectual disabilities in the Fredericton area. Intellectual disabilities often exist concurrently with mental health difficulties, hyperactivity and other aspects of learning disabilities requiring the support requirement to be quite extensive in some cases. Jobs Unlimited works with the public and private employment sectors both in initiating new work opportunities and supporting long-term employees working with an intellectual disability. The organization does whatever is required to ensure the people it serves have a daily life of meaning, dignity, and increased independence.


The John Howard Society of Fredericton Inc.

Supportive Housing

The purpose of this program is to offer supportive, subsidized one-bedroom apartments for non-elderly adults as they work towards self-sufficiency. The program follows the Housing First principles when working with tenants to achieve their goals.

Service Hub

The Service Hub Coordinator will help reduce the ambiguity and distrust that may cause the individual to feel resistant toward services. In this role, they will shorten the steps between services (arranging mental health, addiction support service, Social Development case management, and nursing visits in environments familiar to the individual);helping to shift perceptions about services and their need for services.

The John Howard Society of Fredericton Inc. addresses Criminal Justice Issues and Community Safety Concerns through the provision of Community Based Programs.




Liberty Lane Inc.

Liberty Lane Inc. is a charitable organization offering a Second Stage Housing program and a Family violence Prevention outreach program to women and children who have experienced family violence.


Second Stage Housing

Their Second Stage Housing program is a transitional housing model used across Canada and in other countries to support women through the process of leaving an abusive partner. It can be considered the next step after a transition house/emergency shelter with a thirty-day stay limit. They run the Liberty Lane Second Stage Housing program with eight apartment units in one apartment building; our offices are in that building. Women pay affordable subsidized rent, agree to a “no male visitor policy”, and attend a weekly support group and work on individual goals they set for themselves. Leases are for one year, though extensions can be made depending on a woman’s safety, preparedness, or if they are still working on a goal like finishing school.


Meals on Wheels

Home Delivery Program

With the help of a large team of volunteers, we deliver healthy, daily meals to senior, disabled and convalescing individuals who, due to age or physical limitations, find it difficult to prepare healthy meals for themselves. The objective is to enable individuals to remain healthy in their own homes as long as possible rather than needing to be cared for in an institution.


New Brunswick Association for Community Living (NBACL)

Transition Planning for Youth

For young people who attend school, it is a change from their role as students to being adults and doing things other adults do in the community. This may include getting a job, going to college or university, getting a place to live, developing personal and social relationships with other adults, being involved in the community, building prosperity.


Oromocto Community Residences Inc. 

Oromocto Community Residences runs two non-profit community residences for adults with intellectual disabilities. We are a 24-hour facility responsible for the physical, social and emotional growth of our clientele.

Dental Program

Providing the ability for residence to receive dental care.


Youth in Transition

By modeling a stable home setting where each individual is treated with dignity and respect, Youth In Transition is attempting to reach some of New Brunswick’s lost youth.

Chrysalis House

Currently, we provide transitional housing to youth between the ages of 16-19 at Chrysalis House. We offer 6 female and 4 male beds at this facility.

We provide professional case management and life skills training within a safe, structured, supportive environment


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