Squash for United Way

Thank you City of Fredericton! Get some local Squash, with proceeds going to the City of Fredericton 2016 Fundraising Campaign for United Way.

The Squash Story

“The Squash is from my little Sister (Heather Thompson) farm in Wakefield NB. She lost her husband on June 11 2016 (Ben died in a tragic accident at work, while working for another farm). To share with you the story of this fundraiser, here’s my Facebook post from November 08, 2016 (*Kidlets are my niece and nephew, ages 9 and 10)

Anyone in town needing any squash? Heading up after work to car-haul more back down, will continue this until the end of November. Something very awesome is happening right now 🙂 The City (my employer) annually fund-raises for United Way, I co-chair that in my division. Little sister and I were talking on the weekend and she said since I lug and help that I could have half the proceeds (so a squash costs $2.00, she’ll give me $1.00…I thought wow, sister you sure? this being her bread and butter…she’s like “yup” so then I asked if it’d be okay if I gave my $1.00 to our corporate fundraising initiative … “I don’t care” 🙂 WICKED so now Heather and Ben’s squash help her family (after losing Ben only 5 months ago, selling that produce is now more important than ever before), it helps my/our fundraising efforts …which in turn helps the community, just like that (any extra $ that gets paid for a squash goes to Heather and the Kidlets ..after all, has anyone seen my tiny sister pick up, toss, lug those 50 lbs bags of squash? She makes them look like weightless (and they nearly weigh as much as she does these days)… Thought for the day: wishing things were different isn’t the same as fighting for them to be the same…life propels us forward, ready or not. <3 Feliz Martes.”

If simply looking to donate, visit https://www.canadahelps.org/en/charities/united-way-centraide-central-n-b-region-du-centre-du-n-b/ or call 506-459-7773 or email office@unitedwaycentral.com

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