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Loan us your best and we’ll send them back better!

Each year, community-minded organizations loan one of their employees to the United Way for the length of our annual campaign, 12 weeks. This offers great support to our office during the campaign, is a benefit to the employee who receives that additional work experience in a fun environment and serves as an opportunity to profile their organizations in the community.

This is an exciting program that provides valuable professional development opportunities, excellent recognition and visibility for your organization, as well as the opportunity to make a difference in your community. The primary role of a Loaned Representative is to provide support to United Way/Centraide of Central N.B.’s . The Loaned Representative program is a full-time secondment typically from September to December. Loaned Representatives work at the United Way office as an extension of the United Way campaign staff team providing critical support that is required in more than 360 workplace campaigns. In return for loaning your employee to this extraordinary community initiative, your organization:

  • Increases or enhances your employee’s skills-organizational, presentation, leadership and team-building
  • Develops a large network of contacts
  • Receives remarkable community recognition
  • Makes a significant difference in the lives of people in our community

To date, UPS Brokerage has been a major supporter by graciously supplying a Loaned Rep for 11 years consecutively.

For the fourth year in a row, the Provincial Government has provided us with full time employee to serve as a loaned representativein support of the fall campaign. We sincerely thank this year’s host department Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries and Deputy Minister Jean-Marc Dupuis for once again participating in this program.

We are always looking to add to our Loaned Rep program. If you are interested in providing this valuable opportunity for one of your employees to join our campaign team, please contact our office.

UPS Representative – Pam Mofford


Meet Pam, United Way’s Sponsored Employee from UPS!

Pam began her career with UPS in May 1998. She has been in several roles at UPS from a Brokerage Rater, International Status caller, Brokerage Rater Trainer and Employee Development Assistant (EDA). Pam is currently enrolled in the Certified Customs Specialist (CCS) Program.

Over the years Pam has witnessed other co-workers experience the opportunity to join the United Way as a UPS Sponsored Employee. She found the information and knowledge they had learned while there was a real eye opener.

Pam mentioned, “when I received the call from my Manager asking if I would be interested in being the 2016 UPS sponsored employee, I told him – I would be honoured.”

Pam said, “UPS does so much for the community and the opportunity they give to their employees to be part of the United Way is amazing. You hear about these agencies and their needs, but seeing what is done behind the scenes to make these organizations possible is unbelievable.”

Pam is the Fundraising Co-Chair for her daughters cheer club, she instrumented the Overnight Community Committee at UPS and is an active United Way donor.  She finds this experience is showing her more ways to give and volunteer, not only for herself, but for her entire family.


ANBL Representative – Kerry Hanson


Meet Kerry, United Way’s Sponsored Employee from ANBL!

Kerry is a full-time employee who has been working with NB Liquor since 2009. Aside from NB Liquor, she’s also a mother of three and community volunteer enthusiast.

She has volunteered with several organizations over the years but has a passion for working with low income housing communities.  Being a volunteer since the age of 18 she has taken on tasks of being a bookkeeper/accountant, taking part in preparing and executing hot lunch programs, teaching computer programs and fundraising for community outings.

She was very excited when given the news that she would be joining United Way of Central N.B. as a sponsored representative. Taking part in a few events with United Way in the past, she has already had the opportunity to meet and work with some of the employees and other volunteers.  Kerry ‘s inspired by what is being done and feels grateful for having the opportunity to be part of such an amazing organization with a great sense of community.

Kerry said, “I’m happy to have the opportunity to join a team of dedicated individuals that feel the same way about our community – being able to be part of it all and help in creating a positive, lasting change in our community.”

The Sponsored Employee Program provides a professional development opportunity for an employee and a great partnership opportunity for a company. A Sponsored Employee is provided by the employer to the United Way for up to 16 weeks between September and the end of December to assist with the annual campaign by motivating volunteers and inspiring donors to support our community. To learn more about this opportunity, contact Jeff Richardson at 506-459-7773. 

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