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Day of Caring

What is Day of Caring?

Day of Caring ® is a special program coordinated in your community by United Way Central. Its goal is to mobilize teams of corporate employees as volunteers, to complete meaningful, hands-on projects that will greatly assist local non-profit agencies in Fredericton, Oromocto and surrounding areas.

Why should everyone get involved?

All volunteer efforts, big and small, are vital to the well being of our community. Corporate Volunteering is quickly becoming the new “corporate investment” strategy and Day of Caring® demonstrates that by working together, local companies can make a visible and substantial impact in their community by getting involved in one of the many community service organizations that works to improve the quality of life in our communities.

Local business and corporate employees learn about the agency and services to the community, while providing the opportunity to create unique and ongoing partnerships between the corporate and voluntary sectors.

Who Participates?

Day of Caring® volunteers are teams of employees from local companies or teams of individuals, coordinated by United Way to participate in approved projects that have been submitted by local non-profit/charitable organizations.

When will projects happen?

Day of Caring® takes place at any time throughout the year at the discretion of the company donating their employees and time. Each project is designed to be completed within one to two days.

Day of Caring is open to everyone whether it’s a corporate team, a group of friends or a youth/sports club. If your group is interested in helping our community through a Day of Caring, please contact: Roxana Atkinson – 506.459.7773 ext 204