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Why should I give to the United Way-no one I know uses the services they support?

United Way/Centraide touches the lives of 1 in 4 people in Fredericton, Oromocto and the surrounding areas. Think of your family members, friends, neighbours and your co-workers. Chances are that United Way has already helped someone you know. Your donation to United Way reaches a wide variety of health and human care agencies that provide essential services to children, youth, families, seniors and the disabled.

How much of my donation is spent on fund raising costs?

United Way/Centraide of Central N.B. runs almost entirely on volunteer power. With a small staff of 4, it takes an enormous community-wide effort to reach our annual campaign goal. Because of the generosity of our volunteers, we are able to put 74% of funds raised back into the community, keeping our fundraising costs among the lowest in Canada at 15%

United Way/Centraide is just another layer of administration, why wouldn’t I just give directly to the service provider?

When you give to the United Way, all monies stay here in our community to benefit our residents rather than being sent to a central head office for national distribution. United Way raises funds for 83 vital programs and services in our community, supporting 35 agencies. Without the support of the United Way, these agencies would have to hire additional staff to fundraise in order to maintain their service level. This would avert the attention from their primary mandate, which is to deliver services.

How do I know that the money I donate is going where it is most needed?

Every year a group of interested citizens reviews the operations of the service providers funded by United Way to ensure the programs/services delivered are relevant to our community, are operated effectively and efficiently and makes recommendations to the United Way Board of Directors about appropriate funding levels.

What are “Gifts in Kind”?

Gifts-in-kind, also known as non-cash gifts, are gifts of property. They cover items such as artwork, equipment, securities, and cultural and ecological property.

A contribution of service, that is, of time, skills or efforts, is not property and does not qualify as a gift or gift in kind for purposes of issuing official donation receipts.

What makes an organization eligible for United Way funding?

In order to be eligible for United Way funding, an organization must:

  • Be incorporated and registered as a charitable organization under the Canada Income Tax Act
  • Provide programs and services which are of a social, health, community or related nature
  • Meet a vital local community need
  • Be operated by a volunteer board or directors that reflects the community it serves. This board must be responsible for the development, delivery and education of services and the efficient and effective management of the agency’s programs and budget
  • Effectively use volunteers in the delivery of service
  • Be supportive of United Way, its operating policies and campaign efforts. All agencies must apply in order to be considered for United Way funding.

How are agencies assessed?

Each agency that applies for funding is assessed by United Way’s Admissions and Allocations Committee. This is a standing committee of the United Way Board of Directors which reviews applications from agencies for new and current programs. Committee members visit the agencies and evaluate their submissions based on, but not limited to,  the following criteria:

  • Clarity of specification of need
  • Relation of goals to need or problem
  • Relation of activities to goals
  • How attainment of goals is measured
  • Participation of clients in evaluation and decision making
  • Respect for ethics and clients’ rights
  • Attempt to address root cause of the problem
  • Probability of activities making a change in the situation
  • Strategy to effectively & efficiently target resources
  • Level of administrative costs to run program
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