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Through United Way/Centraide of Central New Brunswick, residents like yourself have come together to realize a vision for our community: Better lives, improved conditions and a stronger community for everyone who lives here.

The United Way Community Fund is a powerful way to invest in your community, as 1 in 4 residents will utilize a program or service that requires its funding support. When you contribute to the Community Fund, your dollars are going to 36 member agencies and 83 programs that your family, friends or neighbors require. By supporting this initiative you are helping children, youth, families, disabled and seniors in your area receive the services that are so invaluable in their daily lives. Through the United Way, you are making a difference in people’s lives. Most importantly, all funds raised locally, are allocated to our local agencies.  The programs offered by these Agencies and supported by the United Way Community Fund:

  • Provide safe, healthy environments for children and youth, thereby opening doors for their lifelong success.
  • Offer flexible, affordable support and services to our seniors and disabled, helping them lead more comfortable, independent lives.
  • Support people’s efforts to escape poverty, live independently and overcome challenges, helping them to become self-sufficient.
  • Build safer and stronger neighborhoods, creating a bright, energetic community that is better equipped to respond to challenges now and in the future.

When you donate to the Community Fund, you are supporting these Agencies and allowing them to deliver their necessary programs and services to the residents of our community.

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