City Motel Dreams Up Donations For United Way

(Fredericton, NB) – When the new owners of The City Motel were busy dreaming up the future of one Fredericton’s longest standing motels, one of their first thoughts was giving back to their community.

“We’ve been in operation for 40 years, and we think it’s important to support the community that has supported us,” said Eric Price, manager of The City Motel.

As a first step, renovations to the motel provided the opportunity to donate furniture to local charities. But Price was inspired to find different way to give back when he read about what other local businesses were doing to support United Way.

“When I read that Graystone Brewing had developed a United Hops beer, I got to thinking about how The City Motel could pitch in, too’”, said Price. “I phoned United Way, and a couple of hours later the idea of Dream Donations was born.”

The City Motel will donate a portion of every night’s sales to United Way’s annual fundraising campaign on an ongoing basis. In turn, United Way invests those funds into a vital network of programs, services, and strategies in Fredericton, Oromocto, and surrounding areas.

“What I love about United Way is that they’re investing in the big causes that we all know about, but they also work to support charities that are doing the work we don’t hear as much about, but that are just as important,” said Price.

It’s that kind of commitment to community that excites Jeff Richardson, Executive Director of the local United Way. “With help from businesses like The City Motel, United Way continues to work to make life better for the 1-in-4 individuals who rely on the vital programs and services provided by United Way supported agencies,” said Richardson. “It’s inspiring to see all of these local businesses come together to support their neighbours.”

Donations to United Way will flow year-round as the new owners continue to breathe new life into the motel. “In addition to our face-lift, we’re now serving breakfast, we’re providing hospital rates for folks with family at the DECH, and providing packages for local businesses,” said Price, “it’s an exciting time at the top of the hill!”  

United Way invests donations in more than 26 local charities that focus on building strong communities, moving people from poverty to possibility and helping kids be all they can be. For more information, and to learn how you can support United Way, visit

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