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Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brother, Big Sister Matching Program

The Big Brothers Big Sisters (Traditional) Matching program provides children and youth who are in “at risk” situations with a mentor and friend they can look up to, talk to, and share the experience of growing up with. Through regular outings, a relationship is developed between the mentor and mentee that is built on trust and common interests. A match with a mature, responsible and caring adult provides much of the support needed to encourage positive development and outcomes for the child/youth.

Big Bunch Program

The Big Bunch program provides adult role models and the opportunity for positive peer interaction in a small group setting to children/youth who have met the eligibility criteria for a one to one Big Brother Big Sister match and are waiting for a suitable volunteer to be recruited, or for children/youth who have need for increased social interaction with peers.

In School Mentoring Program

The In-School Mentor program provides a mentor to Elementary School students who have been identified by school officials as being in need of additional support in order to reach their full potential and develop and/or maintain an interest in school. A Match (adult mentor and child/youth) may continue as a student moves on to Middle School.

Capital Region Mental Health & Addictions

Building Youth Connections

Goal is to educate our youth early about mental illness and addictions as a preventative measure but also as an educational means of informing our youth about warning signs they may see in their peers in need of help. In raising awareness about mental illness and addictions among youth, we breakdown the stigma and engage youth at a level where they may feel more comfortable seeking help for themselves and their peers

Peer Help / Support Groups

Peer Help/ Support Groups provide a safe community space for individuals and families to connect and support one another. A non-judgmental, comfortable, confidential place is available to share experiences, learn from peers, and empower resiliency. Individuals and families become connected with other people experiencing similar challenges and this program provides a safe space within the community to problem solve and share stories of resiliency for overcoming the challenges together.  

Fredericton Boys & Girls Club

Our mission is to provide a safe and supportive place where children and youth can experience new opportunities, overcome barriers, build positive relationships and develop confidence and skills for life.

Childcare Outreach

The Childcare Outreach program is a service to ensure quality programming, with added services that children are desperately in need of, combined with ensuring funding is available if the family is unable to pay and may not qualify for daycare assistance through the province of New Brunswick. Our Child Care programs include After-School programs, Full Day Summer camps, Winter Break/March Break Camps and Pre-school programs

Educational Outreach

Their educational outreach program is made up of a number of programs and services that are provided to elementary, middle school, high-school and youth who are not attending school or working toward their GED.

Nutritional Services

Their Nutritional Programs includes breakfast programs, snack programs and a hot lunch program. The intention is to provide children with the adequate nutrition that they need to learn, grow and be active. The goal for the program is that the children learn the importance of proper nutrition and that with access to proper breakfast that they can be more productive in school and in life.

Recreational Services

Their regular recreation programs include Jumpstart Rec. League, and Judo. We also have a variety of rotating programs that vary depending on the time of year, volunteer/staff skills and availability, etc. These range from dance, to Zumba, to Yoga and family drop-ins. Program staff and volunteers facilitate the programs and they are overseen by a program manager/director.

Youth Development and Exploration

This program is a combination of different programs offered concurrently or at differing times of the year to best meet the needs of the youth we are serving. We want to involve young people in programming that they might otherwise not be able to experience, either because of accessibility or costs related to the programming.

Fredericton Sexual Assault Crisis Centre

The Youth Sexual Violence Prevention Program

A school based program that addresses the promotion of healthy relationships and the prevention of sexual violence. This program also seeks to promote safety for youth, teaching them their rights, supporting them to take ownership of their own lives and relationships critical thinking skills. Instilling a sense of self-worth, self-efficacy, and self-esteem, and developing leadership skills to affect change in their communities towards preventing and ending sexual violence. 

Scouts Canada – Rivorton Region

Beaver, Cub, Scout, and Venturer Programs

The Beaver, Cub, Scout and Venturer programs provide children and youth with a safe, effective, and well-organized program of outdoor orientated adventures, discoveries and experiences that will help them to develop into capable, confident, and well-rounded individuals better prepared for success in the world. Through its volunteer structure, Scouts Canada also supports community development by welcoming individuals into a dynamic, supportive, and committed organization where they can actively contribute to the wellbeing of their children, families and community. or

Sunbury West Headstart

Sunbury West Headstart strives to enhance early childhood development of cognitive, social, emotional, and physical health in preschool aged children: empower parents through educational opportunities and involvement in decision making; and engage individuals, organizations, and businesses to develop cooperative partnerships and strengthen community resources for families.

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